PTV Sports Faces Broadcast Hurdle as Government Cracks Down on Betting Advertisements

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In an unprecedented move, PTV Sports, the government-owned sports channel in Pakistan, faced a setback in broadcasting the 2nd Test match between Pakistan and Australia. The reason behind this unexpected disruption was the display of advertisements for surrogate betting companies at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The Government of Pakistan has taken a strict stance, issuing directions to prevent local channels from airing such advertisements.


During the first Test match in Perth, logos from at least two betting companies were continuously displayed, leading to the government’s intervention. This marks the first time that cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan were unable to watch a live cricket match on PTV Sports, a channel that traditionally broadcasts all international matches of Pakistan cricket and is the official broadcasting partner of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Government’s Directive:

The Government of Pakistan’s decision to prohibit the broadcast of advertisements for surrogate betting companies reflects a broader effort to curb the promotion of gambling within the country. The move comes as a response to the persistent display of such logos during cricket matches, signaling a firm stance against the association of sports with betting.

Alternative Viewing Options:

Despite the disruption on PTV Sports, cricket fans still have options to catch the live action of the 2nd Test between Pakistan and Australia. Ten Sports is currently broadcasting the match, providing an alternative for viewers to stay connected with the game. Additionally, for those preferring online streaming, ‘Tapmad‘ and ‘Tamasha‘ offer live streaming services, ensuring that fans don’t miss out on the cricketing excitement.

Public Reaction:

The development has sparked a divided response among cricket enthusiasts. Some argue that PTV Sports should continue broadcasting all matches, emphasizing the channel’s historical significance in showcasing Pakistan’s cricketing events. On the other hand, there is a faction that supports the government’s decision, viewing the ban on the promotion of betting companies as a positive step in maintaining the integrity of the sport.


As the 2nd Test match unfolds under the broadcast of alternative channels, the incident highlights the intersection of sports and regulations. The government’s firm stance against surrogate betting advertisements on national channels underscores the ongoing efforts to ensure that the spirit of the game remains untainted. Cricket fans now navigate alternative avenues to follow the match, prompting discussions on the balance between sports entertainment and responsible broadcasting.

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