Haris Rauf’s Unconventional Move Batting Without Pads in BBL Stuns Cricket Fans

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In a surprising turn of events during the 2023-24 Big Bash League (BBL) game between Melbourne Stars and Sydney Thunder, Pakistan’s premier fast bowler, Haris Rauf, made headlines by walking out to bat without pads. This unconventional move caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts and pundits alike, creating a buzz around the cricketing world.

The Unusual Decision

Tactical Move or Spur of the Moment?

Haris Rauf’s decision to bat without pads came in the final over of the game against Sydney Thunder. The aim? To avoid a time-out. Positioned at the non-striker’s end, Rauf stood without protective gear, surprising everyone on and off the field.

Commentary Reactions

Brad Haddin, in the commentary on Fox Cricket, expressed his surprise, noting, “He’s out there without gloves, a helmet, or pads.” Brett Lee, injecting humor into the situation, commented, “This is like a circus. I just hope he’s wearing protective gear if there’s a wide ball and the batter runs.” The commentary team added a touch of humor, emphasizing the unusual and risky nature of Rauf’s move.

Unforeseen Consequences

As fate would have it, Rauf’s unconventional approach didn’t lead to a fairytale ending. He found himself out, adding to the drama by making it four wickets in four balls. The Stars, who chose to bat first, were all out for 172, and the Sydney Thunder secured victory by 5 wickets.

Commentary Banter and Concerns

Humorous Observations

Mel Jones, another voice in the commentary box, pointed out Rauf’s risky situation with a hint of humor, saying, “Rauf might be smiling now, but that might change if there’s a run on a wide or no ball.” The commentary banter captured the essence of the unexpected scene unfolding on the field.

Concerns Over Safety

While the move added an element of entertainment, concerns over safety lingered. The commentators, especially Brett Lee, emphasized the importance of protective gear, highlighting the potential risks involved in Rauf’s daring decision.

The Unfolding of Events

Last-Over Drama

Rauf’s surprise move was further intensified by the last-over drama, where Daniel Sams took three wickets in three balls. Beau Webster and Usama Mir fell on the third and fourth deliveries, and the tension reached its peak when Mark Steketee was run out on the fifth ball. Rauf’s unexpected appearance without pads added an extra layer of drama to the already nail-biting situation.

The Outcome

In the end, the Stars’ total of 172 proved insufficient as Sydney Thunder clinched victory with five wickets in hand. Rauf’s dismissal marked the end of a memorable, albeit unconventional, chapter in the BBL.


Haris Rauf’s decision to bat without pads will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable moments in BBL history. While the move added an element of surprise and entertainment, it also sparked discussions around player safety and strategic decisions in the heat of the game. Cricket fans will continue to reminisce about Rauf’s bold move, proving once again that the sport is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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