Pakistan U19 Squad Announcement Gearing Up for the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2024

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The cricket fever is on the rise as Pakistan gears up for the ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup, scheduled to take place from January 19 to February 11, 2024, in South Africa. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has recently announced the 15-player squad that will represent the country in this prestigious tournament. Saad Baig, a promising talent, will lead the team, instilling hope and excitement among cricket enthusiasts.

The Squad Composition

Saad Baig Leads the Charge

Saad Baig, donning the captain’s hat and keeping wickets, is entrusted with the responsibility of leading the squad. His leadership skills and cricketing prowess make him a formidable choice for this crucial role.

Familiar Faces: Ali Asfand and Mohammad Zeeshan

The squad boasts the inclusion of Ali Asfand and Mohammad Zeeshan, both of whom have previously represented Pakistan in the U19 World Cup held in West Indies in January-February 2022. Their experience brings a seasoned edge to the team, contributing to a well-rounded lineup.

Pacing to Success

Understanding the South African conditions, the selection committee has strategically included pace bowlers like Ali Raza, Ahmed Hassan, and Amir Hassan. The pitches in South Africa favor pace bowling, and the team aims to capitalize on this with a well-balanced bowling attack.

Emerging Talents

Players like Arfat Minhas, Azan Awais, and Khubaib Khalil add a touch of emerging talent to the squad. Their inclusion reflects the PCB’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing young cricketers on the global stage.

Words from the Selection Committee

Sohail Tanvir, Chairman of the Junior Selection Committee, expressed confidence in the selected players, stating, “I want to congratulate the 15 players who have made it into the squad for South Africa. I am confident that this well-balanced side has the capability and potential to perform well in the World Cup.”

Support Staff: The Backbone of Success

Behind every successful team is a dedicated support staff. The Pakistan U19 squad will be guided by a team of experienced professionals, including Shoaib Mohammad as the Team Manager, Mohammad Yousaf as the Head Coach, and a lineup of specialized coaches and support staff. This ensemble is focused on honing the skills of the young talents and ensuring they are in their best form for the tournament.

Training Camp

The selected players are set to undergo rigorous training at a camp scheduled from December 28, 2023, to January 6, 2024, in Lahore. This camp aims to fine-tune the squad’s skills, enhance team cohesion, and ensure peak physical fitness before the tournament kicks off.


As the excitement builds, Pakistan anticipates a stellar performance from its U19 squad in the upcoming World Cup. The amalgamation of experienced players and emerging talents, coupled with meticulous planning and coaching, positions the team as a formidable contender. Cricket enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await the unfolding of this sporting spectacle.

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